About Society

 Q 1.   What is the minium numbers of person required to form a Society ?
 Ans.   Seven (7)

 Q 2.   Can a govt. employee be a member of a Society ?
 Ans.   Yes

 Q 3.   Can a Society registered in Uttranchal operate outside Uttranchal ?
 Ans.   Yes.

 Q 4.   What is the period of Renewal ?
 Ans.   5 Years.

 Q 5.   What is the fees for Registration ?
 Ans.   1500.00

 Q 6.   How many Signature required on memorandum of Association and on Bye laws ?
 Ans.   Each person must sign on each paper of memorandum while each page of Bye laws must be signed by minimum 3 persons.

Q 7.   How many copies of memorandum & Bye laws are required for registration ?
Ans.    Two sets of each.

Q 8.    Is there any maximum number of person fixed for society ?
Ans.    No.

Q 9.    What documents are required to submit u/s 4(1) ?
Ans.   Documents are required to be submitted annually u/s 4(1) are as:-
          (1) Annual Audited Accounts.
          (2) List of executive body.

Q 10.  Can a society spend the grant on a object/purpose other than for that it was received ?
Ans.   No, without the prior permission of Registrar.

Q 11.  Is it mandatory for a society to take permission of court before selling immovable property?
Ans.   Yes