Society Renewal


Every Society registered under this act is valid for five years.There after society is to be renewed.
The procedure for renewal of society is as under:-             

(1)Application for Renewal on prescribed form as per model..

(2)Original Certificate must be attached with application.

(3)List of Executive Committee should be filled in every year. List should contain  names, address and  occupations of the members of the governing body.

(4)Every society should furnish its annual accounts duly audited by a chartered Accountant.

(5)Election proceedings  as per Registered By laws. The Election proceeding should be filed within the  fourteenth day of such election is conducted .

(6)(a)  Renewal fees Rs. 1000/- (One Thousand) is pay bill,if such application is filed within the renewal due .
(b)A late fee of first month Rs 200.00,and than Other Month Rs.100.00 per month is pay bill for every month of delay.
(c)A permission fee of Rs. 800/- is pay bill if renewal is applied for after twelve month of delay.

(every application for Renewal of the certificate shall be accompanied by a list of members of the managing body elected after the Registration of the Society or the Renewal of the Certificate
of Registration and also the Certificate is sought to be renewal unless dispensed with by the Registrar on the ground of its loss or destruction or other sufficient cause.)

A Society which fails to get its certificate of registration renewed in accordance with this section
with in one year from the expiration of the period for which the certificate was operative,shall become an unregistered society.

A notary affidavit is required to be submitted if renewal is applied after expiration of more than one year containing the fact that there is no litigation in the society.